Tractor, Trailer and Farming equipment

Tractors, mowers and trailers are some of the most commonly used farming equipment. Here is information on the different types of farming equipment and their features.

Stackable cargo containers

These are containers that can easily be stacked on one another. They come in various sizes, which is why many farmers use them to store a variety of crops and products. For example, some containers are ideal for storing eggs, while some containers are perfect to store fruit in. stackable containers are available with lids or without lids, while some containers offer ventilation and some don't. The types of containers you should use depends on what you will be storing inside of them.

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There are various types of tractors, and you should consider what kind of tasks you will be doing before you buy one. For example, you might need a tractor with a lot of horsepower, and if that's the case, then getting a subcompact tractor makes sense. Tractors also feature different engine sizes, so determine the how big of an engine you need. Some tractors are equipped with a backhoe, front-loader and box scraper.


Mowers are essential in farming because they play a major role in large-scale hay making. Mowers are available in three types: drum, disc and sickle bar. Disc mowers have hubs, with each one having a rotating disc with knives. Two or three large plates that go right over the ground when they are spinning is what drum mowers use. Meanwhile, sickle bar mowers incorporate a reciprocation blade. Sickle mowers tend to have reduced horsepower requirements when compared to the other two types of mowers. However, each type of mower has their own benefits, so compare various models of mowers and then decide on which one you should get. 


Windrowers or swathers, are designed to cut small grain crops. In turn, those crops are turned into a window. This type of machinery can also cut hay. Different windrowers have different features, but you should consider getting a self-propelled one. This kind of windrower allows you to focus on the crops because the header function is controlled right from the cab.


Trailers are important and they are available in various designs. Some trailers are ideal for storing and transporting grains and seeds, while other trailers are good for transporting bales of hay or produce. When choosing a trailer, it's important to consider what it will be used for and how much capacity it should have.

Buying Farm Equipment

Trailers, mowers, containers, tractors and windrowers can be purchased from dealers/retailers that specialize in selling farm equipment. Farm equipment can also be purchased online from auction websites, classified websites and online retailers that specifically sell used and/or new farming equipment.

Keep in mind that the above are only a few types of farming equipment, but they are some of the most commonly used. Other types of equipment includes sprinkler systems, seed drills, planters, cotton pickers, grain carts and rice hullers to name a few. As previously mentioned, you can buy farming equipment online, so have a look around and buy the equipment you need.